Thank you!

You are welcome :) I didn´t really understand much as my German is very poor but the post looks good and useful :)

Hehe, yes i spend some time on the layout ;-) I am learning each day a little bit more. This is a post with all articles written in the last two weeks for "STEEM Woche" (Links and a short copy and paste).
Thank you for curating, two days ago i got a tipu from @balte and i was downvoted because of that ...
Hopefully this will not happen often... we'll see. Regards Kadna (My Tschechisch is not even one word ;-(

Oh really? I haven´t heard of anyone getting downoted because of the TipU upvote. I am sorry about that. Hopefully, it will not happen this time.

All the best to Germany from your eastern neighbors ;)