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Hello. Currently there are a lot of curation groups and whales curating amazing content, there's no need to buy votes. The downvote you received is to discourage the buying of votes from bidbots. We kindly invite you to join us on the #NewSteem attitude, where good content receives votes and the organic content get the most attention. Buying votes hurts you, other authors and the Steem Ecosystem in general, please don't do it.


Okay it was probably a mistake of me to promote the post with the sum of 4 Steem!

I will not do it anymore!

On the other hand you should focus on the postings with 10-100 Steem / SBD or the whales who vote each other whale high!

Think not a Reply comes because it is just a stupid Flagbot the small and especially new accounts # the desire to Steemit or #newsteemit takes and thus certainly not support growth of Steemit!

We are definitely going to tackle the vote traders and big accounts that are just voting for their friends once the bid bots stop selling votes. Thanks for replying and for understanding that buying votes is harmful for the ecosystem.

Thanks for the Reply so you are not a stupid Flag bot!

It's normal to advertise on the internet!
Especially small or especially new ones need to advertise in order to even pay attention to Steem!
Being voted down for 4 Steem by 4 flag-bots is not the same thing
We live in a free market economy in which advertising plays a big role!
So you want to abolish the free market economy on Steemit?
In a misuse would be legitimate but otherwise?

Sure, but in the real world promotion and advertisement comes with a cost or price. On steem and thanks to the bots, this advertisement comes with a profit, the downvotes are only to remove said profit, not the advertisement and definitely not telling you what to post, but everyone should know that using bots means that other people will remove the ROI from bidboting.

the downvotes are only to remove said profit
ocdb 49m 18s -1 % -0.473 $
and the trail:
theycallmedan 49m 21s -1 % -0.127 $
threespeak 49m 24s -1 % -0.105 $

so you have not only remove the Profit! mutch more!

New question?
If I now sponsor any post on @steemmarket with a few Steem!
Then he is automatic flagged by you?
So if I do not like a post I can just 1 Steem to @steemmarket
send with the certainty that the post is flaging from you in the ground and bottom?
This can be a bloodbad!
So you want this?

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