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RE: Thailand Part 12 - Zurück nach Bangkok: Wat Pho und Bootsfahrt auf dem majestätischen Chao Phraya Fluss// Devuelta en Bangkok: Wat Pho y un viaje en barco por el río Chao Phraya (DE//ESP)

in #deutsch3 years ago

Cool city ... one day I go also photography this all :)
I hope these injuries have now healed, they was look very bad :(


Hey! Yes you should :) aren‘t you gonna be on steemfest? Yes they healed now, but i will be careful on the scooter next time.

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No not this year I not go there in steemfest :( ... but I try be in next years :)
Steem is low and also lot others small coins what not let me to make this. But if you go I try be soon here back and see what you go post :)

Yes I will be there :)

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