Flauschis Fundstück des Tages #5 - IOTA Leder Geldbörse

in #deutsch7 years ago

Habe ich gefunden. Weiß vielleicht jemand wer das designt hat? Und gibt es das auch in schwarz?

Flauschi in Überblick:



Im Goldrausch muss man Spitzhacken verkaufen ...

Haha ja das denke ich auch oft. :) @flauschi

Hi friend.
It seems like you dislike me for some reason.
Why is that? Did I offend you somehow?
If I did - please tell me and maybe we could fix that.

I don't mind your downvoting and commenting, cuz... You know... You are harmless.
Unless I suffer suffer some actual damages from you, I will not be upset.

But I am curious...
What are you going to do after the last warning you gave me 5 times?
A last-last warning?
A post-last warning?
A lasternest warning?
You are funny?

Who are you and what is your deal?
@investigation seems to know you from somewhere but he doesn't say...
He is right, though.
Your downvoting doesn't matter.
Downvoting reduces the rewards from posts, but our comments have no rewards to begin with.
You may hurt my reputation a bit, but that's also a mosquito bite.
Basically - keep on spamming, troll.
I don't give a fuck.

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