Lightpainting #11: orange waves / orange Wellen

in deutsch •  3 months ago
A first test with my new light cables.
Ein erster Test mit meinen neuen Leuchtkabeln.


cameraCanon EOS 700D
lensEFS 18-55
focal length55mm
shutter speed4s
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What is a light cable exactly?


Electroluminescent wire
Electroluminescent wire (often abbreviated as EL wire) is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating current is applied to it. Electroluminescence an optical phenomenon and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or to a strong electric field. It can be used in a wide variety of applications—vehicle and structure decoration, safety and emergency lighting, toys, clothing etc.—much as rope light or Christmas lights are often used. Unlike these types of strand lights, EL wire is not a series of points, but produces a 360 degree unbroken line of visible light.


Oh cool, learned something today!

I think it's a genius of photography, I would never have thought of something like that, I've tried with strings that hung and twigs in the sunset of the Sun.

I liked your idea and photography well deserves a positive point. Thank you for sharing your experience in the field of photography, for me it is also good entertainment.