Blood Moon 2019 / Blutmond 2019

in deutsch •  5 months ago 


This morning I got up extra early because of the total lunar eclipse and could observe and photograph it very well thanks to the clear sky over Paderborn. Only the warm exhaust fumes that rose from the chimneys occasionally disturbed the view.
Heute Morgen bin ich wegen der totalen Mondfinsternis extra früh aufgestanden und konnte sie, dank des klaren Himmels über Paderborn, gut beobachten und fotografieren. Lediglich die warmen Abgase, die aus den Kaminen aufstiegen störten gelegentlich die Sicht.
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Superb shot!! I too saw the blood moon and I was glad I made the effort because it was a beauty!

You really captured it in all its Glory!



Thanky you @dswigle! This time the moon looks better than the blood moon half a year ago, because there was a cold and clear night. But now we have to wait 10 years or so, before we can see the next one :(


I thought it was 2022?? Or 23


Ah, you're right, I just checked it. The next total lunar eclipse can be seen in Europe already in 2022 :)
They said that about 10 years on the radio this morning. I shouldn't just believe everything they say.
The moderator must have confused the last one in this decade with the last one for 10 years.


Good!!! I already had my schedule penciled in! ;)

nice picture !

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Tolle Bilder die du aufgenommen hast.

Ich konnte das ganze Spektakel auf dem weg zur Arbeit beobachten.
Leider fehlt mir eine Brennweite die mir solche aufnahmen ermöglicht.

MfG Jonas

Gratz. I woke up early too, but unfortunately, the clouds were covering the whole sky (western Poland). In the evening before the sky was almost clear.