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Detoxification has been practiced for generations by many cultures. Detoxification involves renewing your body by removing harmful toxins and consuming health nutrients. This can give you protection by boosting your immune system and optimizing your health through various methods.


Detox and its benefits

Detoxification is the medium through which the body eliminates toxic substances acquired from pollutants in the environment or the intake of processed foods. When you are carrying out a detox program, you help your organs get rid of toxins. Some ways in which a detox benefits you include:

  • Optimizing blood circulation
  • Getting your organs rested through fasting
  • Reenergizing your body with essential nutrients.
  • Revitalizing your liver to eliminate toxins efficiently
  • Enhancing the performance of your kidney and skin

The warning signs

It is most times difficult to determine when our body system is functioning inefficiently. This has caused lots of people to live with a toxic system which can be detrimental to their emotional and physical health. Some warning signs your body may use to signal you about a detox include:

1.Adrenal Fatigue:

If you experience problems with sex, easily lose focus, get exhausted quickly, and find it difficult to lose weight, adrenal fatigue may be responsible. It is caused by the inefficiency of the liver and kidney due to toxins.

2.Depression, anxiety, disorders:

An abundance of certain toxins in your body may result in the accumulation of harmful chemicals. This could negatively affect our physical and emotional health by resulting in depression and anxiety.

3. Heart Disease:

When toxins build up in the body, they increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

4.Mental/Emotional Instability:

Contact with harmful chemicals in our environment can lead to mental and emotional instability. Detoxification can help undo the adverse effects.

5. Food Allergies:

Sensitivity to certain foods could indicate that your body doesn't possess the right amount of bacteria needed to break down and assimilate food nutrients. Detoxification can help to alleviate this.

Ten ways to detoxify your body naturally

  1. Increase your fiber intake and consume a lot of organic fruits and vegetables. Foods such as broccoli, chlorella, and cabbage are recommended.
  2. Drink green tea regularly and take herbs like burdock. This will help to protect our liver.
  3. Glutathione helps the liver evict toxins. Taking Vitamin C helps your body in its production.
  4. Drinking a lot of water will help purify your body and optimize your energy levels
  5. Use breathing exercises to increase oxygen circulation.
  6. Try your best to focus only on emotions that are positive.
  7. Hydrotherapy is useful for detoxification. Take a hot shower at thrice daily and let the water run on your back. Then finish up with a cold bath and get adequate rest.
  8. Use perspiration techniques such as sweating in a sauna which will help remove waste from your body through sweat.
  9. Use special brushes to dry-brush your skin. You can remove toxins through your sweat pores using footbaths.
  10. Exercise for at least one hour daily. You can try Yoga, skipping or martial arts.

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Yes. In these days we are surrounded by toxic so intaking as well. We need to detoxify our body to live a healthy life.