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I will add this with some with filtered water every now and then.

coconut oil.jpg

I only buy the cold pressed organic version and use it when cooking and as a mouthwash.


I only use this when I feel like a cold/illness is coming on. Bacteria and viruses cannot live in the presence of silver.


I will take this every now and then, in our modern diets most of us need magnesium as a supplement. Magnesium in necessary for you body, it can help with your mood and bring an overall calmness.

himalayan salt.jpg

I use this form of salt instead of regular table salt as it has more trace minerals.


Liposomal VitaminC will super boost the immune system so your body can fight infections.


I take gluthionine as a supplement while detoxing metals to support intracellular waste removal.


I add this to my water every now and then and take this supplement to support my liver function.


Magnesium oil is the best way to uptake magnesium as your skin is the largest absorbing organ of the body.


I was doing some research about claims of the creation of Monoatomic gold and its interaction with our energetic form. My jury is out on this supplement, It has been promoted by David Icke on his website. However...... I remain skeptical about it existing in monoatomic form and have a few experiments planned to check it out. I've taken the supplement and had to stop. I will start back up when I feel ready again.


NAC can help with lung and liver function.


Nascent Iodine! I can't stress enough how important it is to seek out and take this as a daily supplement. Taking this with a filtered water source can help you a ton with your mental clarity. The iodine in this form will fill your thyroid and protect and help to eliminate harmful halogens fluoride and bromide. Toothpaste used to be in an iodine base if you want to tumble down the rabbit hole research Charles Perkins, Edward Bernays, Alcoa, and IG Farben. I may make a post on my research about this later.


Oil of Oregano as a supplement can increase your bile production which can help alkalize your gut and protect you from parasites.


Ant exoskeleton is super high in zinc and is needed by the cells to function in high capacity. Your body will become depleted of zinc during detox.


Tumeric is like a wonder superfood, it helps support your joints and has anti-cancer properties. It is important to find it from a clean source. Many turmeric supplements may have lead content. I buy mine from a lead free lab verified source I trust and grow my own. Mike Adam's Health Ranger Store, see the link at the bottom of this post.


Magnesium based deodorant with essential oils. Most deodorants use aluminum which has a correlation to many mental ailments including Autism, Alzheimer's, and Dementia. There's a good documentary on Netflix called "What the Health" that talks some about this issue. I also recommend checking out Del Bigtree.


I use Iodine and nano-silver toothpaste along with swishing coconut oil in my mouth for clean healthy teeth. Never had a cavity "knock on wood" however I've also never been a big fan of sweets or sugary stuff.

Here are the main sources I buy all my supplements.

All of these supplements I've used are from reading this article. If you love your body, and wish to reach new states of mental capability/physical energy, it is essential to begin the detoxification process imho. Take some time and give this a read, you will not regret it.

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Recently i saw in an article that, direct consumption of apple cider vinegar make our bone weak over the time.


Not sure where you got that from? I've been reading the opposite where it can help with the promotion of calcium absorption I suggest everyone do their own research and do what they think is best. I may get some bone density test done as I continue to take this and share the results.

That's quite a walk through of your supplements! We love coconut oil and it's great for oil pulling - makes your teeth whiter! And magnesium is a must - I can't seem to sleep without it. My partner gets restless legs, so I make him a glass of powdered magnesium and it works a treat to settle them down. Turmeric is also a total winner. Looks like you've got your health regime completely sorted! - K


Thank you! I love you created a natural medicine account! Let food be thy medicine :) After doing this regime for a while I feel so much more at peace. I used to have some troubles with anxiety but they have all gone away now. I will still get stressed, but the anxiety has vanished. The two biggest helps I believe are Magnesium and Nascent Iodine.


Amazing. Hopefully we'll keep in touch - there will be a lot happening on this account soon, so I'd love to keep communicating with you and celebrate natural medicine! :) Anxiety's a tough one - there's all sorts of things that trigger me. Lately I've been drinking damiana tea and that's been a winner! - K