Rejection is allowed

in #determination3 years ago (edited)

Have you been rejected a couple of times? Are you frustrated?



You don't have to feel that way. Have you been looked down on? Have you been underrated by people? Thinking, can anything good come out of you?

Please do not give up on yourself. That's not God's plans and purpose for your life.

And that's why you are uniquely made. Have you been walked out on times without number thinking that you are not beautifully made.

Do not forget that you are uniquely made. Don't ever wish to be like anyone. You're lovely.

Rejection is one of the things great people go through before they Begin to make exploit.

A case study of Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin And some other great people.

It's normal to be rejected but do not give up on yourself because you step to becoming great starts with you.

It doesn't just come easy, it has to do with a lots of hard work and determination.