Holmes and Watson floundering

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This is the continuing story of Holmes and Watson when they were very old... +++ means it's the radio talking...

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Saturnine saccharin

The evil ones will never surrender you know.
And why is that, Holmes?
Because they think they are right.
So there is a dichotomy in the land?
The future of mankind is doomed, doomed I say.
Oh come now Holmes, it’s not that bad.
Have you seen the news recently?
But that’s all fake, Holmes, surely you know that?
I don’t know what is true anymore.
Perhaps you’re not the only one.
Well, what do you think Watson?
Oh, I think lots of things Holmes.
You do?
Yes, of course.
Tell me something then, of what you think:
Evil is of the mind, made from the mind.
OK, so where does god live?
Well, in the heart of course.
But how do you know this, Watson, for sure?
Because only in the heart can you feel him.
And, what of the mind then?
The mind is a slippery fellow full of all the evils there are and so cannot be trusted.
Hmm; tell me more of these thoughts you’ve been having, Watson.
I’ve forgotten your name.
That’s alright, Watson, in here there are no names.
But Holmes, I don’t know who I am talking to anymore.
Look to the doors, Watson, perhaps they will have an answer for you.
What doors, Holmes?
The doors of your perception of course, what other doors are there?
Can I ask you something?
Of course you can.
What is the religion of the enemy?
I think it must be the broken tomb.
Like the tomb we heard on the wireless last night?
Shush, someone might hear you.
But the dead don’t make promises of life, Holmes.
Exactly so, Watson.
Yes Holmes?
I can feel my death coming.
It’s just your imagination, Holmes.
But that is how I feel.
I will never let you die Holmes, you know that.
Thank you Watson; you’ve been a good friend down all these long years.


+++Sir, what happened last night in the tomb?
What do you mean Jimmy?
I remember that we invaded the tomb looking for treasure, and we were on our second bottle of whisky, and as we were going towards what we came for, something came in behind us, something unknown. I don’t remember any more than that.
Ah, my good man, it was nothing, just your imagination. You fainted is all; it must have been all the excitement that you keeled over from.
I don’t remember being excited sir, more like terrified, if you understand my meaning.
Oh I do Jimmy, really I do, but look: it was like this: I cracked a nut and looked at the stars and saw it all as I was feeling; and I asked my soul: why is it like this?
I must have been deaf for I heard nothing, but I saw lots and lots of things that came at me; and I heard all these thoughts barking all around me, hounds and curs all of them, dogs of the night. I reached inwards, for my breathing was flawed, and as I stood there, breathing, there came to me something that reminded me of what I’d forgotten: Oh, a long time ago it was, before the dawning of the new age, when a howl was a howl and a curse was a curse that I came to be; and rising up in the inimitable mutter I said: ‘holy mustard, is this it?’ Well, you know what I mean, don’t you Jimmy?
Most assuredly sir, I do indeed.
Well then: There I was up to my knees in mustard and lost in the mist when I heard a rumble, almost like a box with a bee in it…+++
Yes Holmes?
I keep hearing voices.
Perhaps you should lay off the cannabis Holmes.


+++Much, much, later in the cave of the dusty dog, two rascals pulled themselves out of the mud onto the shore of where they would be, and shook themselves a little bit to get rid of the ridicule of the nay-sayers that surrounded them.
Rise up Jimmy, for we are met by the evil dead.
Yes sir.
Have at you, you, deathly dead things you.
Jimmy would hear nothing more; and pulling his sword from his trusty nap sack he stood tall and was about to lunge when he remembered his manners: Excuse me, but I am here to protect my master and I must object most strongly to any attack upon said person…+++
What do you feel now Watson?
Holmes, I think I’m seeing things.
That’s quite alright Watson; perfectly normal under the circumstances.
And what are they then?
Think back Watson, to where you were last Saturday.
I’m thinking Holmes.
Now close your eyes and imagine where you would rather be right now.
Can I ask you a question Holmes?
Sure, fire away.
A small duck on a pond:
Quack, quack.
A large duck on a pond:
Quack, quack.
A goose for your gander?
Very good Sherlock.
Yes Sherlock?
How do you feed the soul?
Sandwiches Holmes, every time.
What would I do without you Watson?
I have no idea Holmes.
Neither do I Watson, neither do I.


I’m in my own world you know.
Yes I know that Holmes.
No, I mean it.
Yes Holmes.
Well you’re not much help are you?
I don’t know what you mean Holmes.
Well you wouldn’t would you?
Apparently not.
Yes Watson, what is it?
I can’t say.
Spit it out I say, spit it out.
I’m feeling half guilty today.
And why is that?
Because I’m wearing my organic wet-suit under my uniform, and it’s getting a little bit hot for me.
And this is news because…?
It’s me bones again, Holmes.
The aching ones…?
Yes Holmes.
This is all most peculiar.
Have I got mad-cow disease Watson?
Most assuredly Holmes.
Thank you Watson.
Holmes, are you having that dream again?
I’m at breaking point Watson.
Well, never mind, here’s a nice glass of hot milk to make you feel better, and a biscuit or two…

Image from Pixabay

Link to the part before this https://steempeak.com/powerhousecreatives/@wales/into-the-eerie-tomb-they-snuck

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