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The advent of the internet is the best thing that had happened to the human race. It has made our life much easier and everything we do revolves around it. The internet has opened the world of opportunities to people which would not have been possible. One of such good things that the internet has created is Streaming.

Streaming on the internet is disrupting the entertainment industry with an innovative way of watching or listening to videos. People do not have to download media contents before viewing it. The media data is played as it arrives, as it is received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider. Streaming allows one to view a live event as it is happening real-time on the internet.

Currently, on the internet, there are numerous platforms that offer streaming services that are beneficial to the content creators and the viewers. The blockchain streaming platform offers more unique features that are peculiar to the project. The blockchain technology is the next big thing after the advent of the internet. It is disrupting the way things are done positively with its decentralization. One of such decentralized streaming projects on blockchain protocol is the DeStream project.

What is the DeStream Project?

The DeStream project is the first decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers. It is an infrastructural project that is out to make streaming processes easy for all streaming stakeholders from the streamers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, to the viewers. Transactional and businesses processes are also made easier, efficient, secure, reliable and transparent using the blockchain smart contract.
The DeStream project has made available a decentralized streaming platform which is a marketplace for streamers. Here, talents are found and promoted.

Problems of Existing Streaming Platforms

There are many challenges experienced by the streamer on the current Streaming platforms which includes but not limited to;

  1. The current streaming platform charges a high-interest rate on transfer transaction fee on streaming payments. This is up to 10% on electronic payment systems such as PayPal or bank accounts.
  2. The existing platform uses the various payment gateway that is available globally but not all are preferred by users such as PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex. This will limit donations from a contributor, he might not want to go the extra mile to make a donation using a payment gateway that he is not familiar with.
  3. There are different kinds of rules for the streamer on different streaming platforms. Some of this rules are restricting in many ways such as a minimum amount to withdraw from their earnings.
  4. There is no guarantee of payment with some existing streaming platform as there are cases of streaming websites not paying content creators for no reason. Some streaming platform freeze Streamers account with no explanations or warnings.
  5. The new streamers find it hard to earn good money with the existing streaming platform. It is not easy finding promoters that will advertise their content for a wider audience at low cost. Only the top streamers earn good pay on the existing streaming platform.
  6. There is no clear contractual agreement between advertisers, promoters and the streamer which at the end might create problems or create disputes between the parties.
  7. The Streamer is at the receiving end when unscrupulous viewers chargeback Streamers thereby reducing their income.

What DeStream Offers

  1. The DeStream platforms offer a haven for Streamers and all stakeholders of streaming. It is an ecosystem where all popular existing streaming platforms will be connected and users get access to with a few clicks.
  2. With the DeStream platform, streamers have the opportunity to maximize their productivity by encouraging them to exploit their creativity. The platform also encourages streamers to diversify their activities and make it possible for them to interact with their viewer.
  3. The streamer will earn more on the DeStream decentralized platform because less commission will be charged on the payment received. The DeStream platform makes available a cryptocurrency that will be used on the platform and the commission charged on the DeStream platform will be 0.77%.
  4. The platform will integrate other external projects to make available a variety of digital goods for users consumption such as connecting users to the world of gamers where there are able to play different types of games, videos, and live streams all in one place.
  5. The platform will make possible interactions between content creators and their viewers and base on activities and analysis the streamer is able to earn more income.
  6. The platform will utilize the cryptocurrency the DeStream token DST. It also has an in build escrow service which enables the conversion of the DeStream token to any available currency for ease of use to all the stakeholders.
  7. The DeStream platform has made available secured pre-configured smart contract for advertisers and streamers. The contract is executed in a way that both parties are protected on the blockchain technology. The platform also makes available unique algorithms for advanced users.
  8. The platform makes available a financial tool for donations and payments for services within the ecosystem using the Destream token DST.
  9. The DeStream token can be used to buy many things that can be used in the household. The token can be used to purchase most of the necessities in life such as food, household appliances and other things in its affiliate stores.
  10. Streamers get their content to be promoted by advertisers on the platform and also get to secure start-up capital with less hassle.

The Token

The DeStream token is a utility token that is used on the DeStream platform. It is the means of payment and giving donations on the platform. It is symbolized by DST and is build on the Stratis blockchain.

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The DeStream platform has made available opportunities for streamers to earn income creating content on the decentralized blockchain. The platform offers secured smart contracts that protect all the users. The token can be used in an affiliate platform to purchase the necessity of life and can be changed into available currency from an internal escrow that is integrated on the platform. The project is out to support the idea and creativity of streamer by helping him develop his unique identity and channel

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The internet has opened the world of opportunities to people which would not have been possible.
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