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Possibilities of our task for streaming


Allows consider how our mission integrated will make a contribution daily the stream integrated market improvement, built-in integrated new fashions of interaction between streamers and visitors, built-in sure integrated protection, establish built integrated with the assist of smart contracts, relationships between all contributors of the environment, and significantly built-in integrated of transaction charges.

What does this product offer every day the already built-in stream integrated platform?

• A built-in unmarried access built-in populist integrated for a streamer/viewer/advertiser;

• Sizable lower of transaction costs (as much as 0.77%);

• Possibility of paying for stream built-in systems built-in integrated without delay through the DeStream;

• The usage of integrated a built integrated overlay hub (a built-in integrated overlay setup for all systems that help an overlay and the possibility for structures that don’t help an overlay to apply it through mobile apps);

• Possibility of built integrated about one hundred pre-configured clever contracts for interaction of atmosphere contributors;

• Possibility of built integrated own clever contracts with their own unique set of rules for advanced customers;

• Simplicity of established order of clever contracts (without program integrated talents
Or technical heritage);

• Management of relationships among the advertiser and streamer with smart contracts;

• Built-ingintegrated the stability among built-incomes integrated of stream integrated structures and a huge quantity of built-integrated services;

• The escrow carrier on the platform;

• Possibility of built integrated DeStream Tokens daily buy food, family appliances and other goods;

• Opportunity built-in integrated and built-in of digital items at the home market and affiliate systems.

As a result, DeStream is a built-in that gives giant opportunities for built-integration of stream built-in platforms, their development and extension built integrated capability, which could nearly absolutely offer the professional needs of the streamer, which built integrated quick built-in integrated. For the viewer it's far a carrier which can lead him every day a new stage of verbal exchange and interplay with streamers, for the advertiser — an effective built-in channel with powerful analytical tools. In easy phrases, DeStream is a superstructure over current integrated stream integrated built-in, including new integrated activity with visitors and an economic integrated every day for donate built-in and procuring built-in the environment.

Built-in problems of streaming systems:

Lamentably, built integrated there is no built-in integrated and utilitarian environment for stream integrated sources, via which streamers and visitors can carry out the overall variety of suitable movements.
Weaknesses of the present day systems excessive integrated charges on payments
Built integrated the fee for withdrawal daily digital cash device, PayPal or bank account reaches 10%.
Its miles necessary daily help more than one price gateways daily have maximum impact
For the ease of viewers who're prepared day-to-day help streamers, they have got a lot of built-in integrated wallets built-in one-of-a-built integrated price structures, due to the fact a viewer from America is conversant built integrated PayPal, and a viewer from Russia — every day Yandex. Money, web money.

Many built-in guide built integrated and regulations:

A few structures don’t allow daily withdraw built-in funds at once, and those are pressured to attend from 1 to 6 months. There are numerous restrictions built-in the built-in integrated withdrawal quantity, the most quantity of the donation, and many others.

Insecurity of payments:

Sadly, there are built-in while systems don’t pay money everyday streamers or their built-in are frozen for various reasons.


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