Destiny 2 - EPIC RAID NEWS / Catfish!!!!!

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If you haven’t been around with new Destiny 2 content released in the past couple of days, you may have missed the biggest theory for Destiny 2 Raid. We had our first clue about where Destiny 2 Raid might be taking place. It was about the Concept Art shown during the D2 beta went Live on consoles. It showed us a giant catfish like creature pulling what we can see a whole Planet inside it. And recently, Destiny 2 Raid name also got revealed by PlayStation trophies. It’s called The Leviathan. Click here to learn in-depth about the Raid.

So Yesterday, Bungie released Destiny 2 Beta for PC players who pre-ordered. Some players enjoyed the PC beta while other players did had complains that are still in the game. Checkout our first impression Destiny 2 PC beta.

A player Xon Visniyr may have discovered the creature shown in the Concept Art and what we’ve been calling it ‘The Leviathan‘. And it seems this creature is found on Nessus where players get to play the new strike included in the PC beta ‘The Inverted Spire‘. We have to say, there are a lot of things that resembles to the concept art from his gameplay. He also had some images that clearly showed us something that resembles with the Catfish. Take a look:

By comparing those images, we can say that the eye does look the same and the city above the catfish resembles as well! If this is true then the Raid (The Leviathan) will be on Nessus. Recently, Bungie updated that concept art with a Guardian’s Ship going towards the catfish. Checkout the full gameplay with the by the user himself:

Destiny 2 will launch on September 6 on consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and October 24th on PC. It will have two brand new expansions called ‘Osiris’ and ‘Rasputin’.

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I haven't had the chance to play the raid in Destiny 2 yet. I've plugged in a solid 35+ hours into the game, but I'm still rolling through single-player PvE activities. This game is so much bigger than the first. My clan is pretty decently sized (about 60 players currently), but I haven't actually played with many of them yet. I might have to look for some guardians to team up with soon, since most of my old fireteam buddies are holding out for the PC release of Destiny 2 :C