Stairsway to Fanjingshan Peak - SouthWestern ~ China 梵净山 Part 3

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( Click on Image for Fanjingshan - SouthWestern ~ China 梵净山 Part 2 )

Fanjingshan Located in Guizhou 贵州 China. ( SouthWestern China )
This stairway to The Peak. It's rather slippery due to the ice on the stairs.
We managed to get some special shoes to get up there.
You need to view each series to get a bit of an idea. Just leaving my trial.
It is like freezer up here.

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is that a stairway to heaven?
looks so mystical

Awesome photo! You took the mystery out of where this stairway leads to. If this photo was to stand alone without any description, I would love to see what others pick for the title. Good thing you were able to get special shoes to get to the peak. What an adventure.

This staircase looks very long, and has a unique shape, climbing these stairs can make your feet tired and tired. 😁

Awesome stairway. Thanks for the upvote. I love the snow. Here's an upvote right back at you.

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