Frost ~ Fanjingshan Peak - SouthWestern ~ China 梵净山 Part 5

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( Click on Image for Fanjingshan - SouthWestern ~ China 梵净山 Part 4 )

Fanjingshan Located in Guizhou 贵州 China. ( SouthWestern China )
This is definitely very cold; in result the entire ground had frozen up.
It was so beautiful here. Probably will visit this place again.

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Stunning! A memory frozen in time. I can see why you want to go back to visit this place again.

I definitely won't go out at that kind of place and time. Looks so beautiful, BUt I will be freezing over there. ahaha


Looks Beautiful ; Totally agree.
Remind me of White Christmas.

The leaves look very beautiful and all are white

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Pemandangan yang indah

beautiful and very interesting scenery

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