Downtown Long Beach and Aquarium

in destination •  6 months ago

I was in downtown Long Beach today at The Aquarium of the Pacific. This area has come quite a long way in the past decade, and the city has done a great job revitalizing the area.

There are now many trendy restaurants and bars, and the business district has really made a comeback. For so long, Long Beach was primarily industrial and with rougher urban areas as it is a blue collar area, home to the 2nd busiest port for importing/exporting goods by sea in the US.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the premier aquariums and a must visit if you are in the southern California area for a little bit of time. This was Jacob’s second visit and he had a fantastic time again.

I snapped some photos of Long Beach and the aquarium to share with you all:







Appreciate you stopping by!


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Long Beach is very nice, I think I had the opportunity to at some point see something on TV in some program that I do not remember now but if you remember the name of the place it is very nice and I see that you had a great time, Jacob seems entertained just like the diver that was a good photo

Wow beautiful pictures my friend @brian.rrr. I have never heard about this aquarium and to be honest I have been impressed with all the beauty of its splendor, also I also call my attention that the fish is the size of Jacop, wow is very large. The agreement is very beautiful and the view from outside also, the radiant sun, the blue sky. The day was perfect for your visit to the aquarium. regards

The place looks very sunny and sun good weather that I like, I also like aquariums you can see many things there too much marine animals, a long time ago I do not go to one I do not remember the last time is that in my country they are not so common there are like in 3 cities more or less

Hello Friend how are you? @brian.rrr

A very nice place it hurts that it is so far from where I live but it seems a good fun place, Jacob has fun that's good, that fish is very big.

I really like marine life and everything that has to do with the sea that is very nice and interesting.

They enjoyed the trip very much

This is so cool. I have always wanted to visit a place like this. Have hoped to visit Marineland or Seaworld at some point but it hasn’t happened yet. I think it would be so much fun to get such a close up view. Looks like you an dthe family had a great day!

Hi Brian, those picture does bring a summer vibe !
Next to that, what a fun and joy you have with the family.
Thanks for sharing those treasure moments.

You picked a great day to go down. Great shot with your son next to that bigger fish. He'll appreciate that what he gets older.

Some day hehehe, I love the pictures of the day and more in which you see the fish in the aquarium are of great quality and sharpness, very good trip to remember.

dear @brian.rrr,
It's really a beautiful place ,You have a happy family. Your son is pretty cute and he is doing like the fish,Good job. Keep it up

You are in a beautiful place. You have a happy family. Your son is pretty cute and he is doing like the fish. After all great photography.

Hello Sir, @brian.rrr
It's really a beautiful place. I think you enjoyvisiting the place..And you are looking so beutiful. I hope you share new picture in future . Go on sir.

Wishing for your happy family.

Wow .. great place. Your child looks so happy when in front of the aquarium. Thank you for these great photos.

Wao what a beautiful place, I never tire of saying that beautiful family and what a great man you are, always with your family, Jacob's every day looks more beautiful.

Family trip photography is amazing. The boy is so nice

What a beautiful place and what a beautiful family you have friend congratulations

I would love to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific. Your son is vey cute. Cheers

this very beautiful sea view is my friend. and hopefully you are always in good health always. and I really need support from you my friend @brian.rrr

it seems like your child is very happy to play with big fish. this is a happy family

wow so that's what a real family looks like!!

your child is very funny. it looks like your child likes big fish. that is great

Amazing my friend @brian.rrr

What beautiful photos and pleasant experience to share, I love seeing you take the time and despite the activities as a parent you do this something normally, greetings.