DIY Desk PC - How to Build a Gaming Computer in a desk!

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If you think you're a true geek you should take a look at these masterpiece. and I am slowly gathering data to start building my own pc built into desk.


This project, called Next Level, is a perfectly integrated combination of desk, computer and monitor.


The water cooling system along with all the other peripherals of the PC are inserted into the desk and visible through a glass plate. The dual monitor is instead mounted on a height-adjustable bracket using a button. Even the metal structure of the desk is adjustable in height and allows you to work both seated and standing.

So far I decided to skip the prebuilt desk computers offered by Lían Li since they are way over my budget
I've also found some interesting Desk Pcs DIY Plans and I hope I can manage to build my own next year.
Here is the artcle that contains all the step to build your own Desk Pc:

I can also do what Linus (linus tech tips) kinda showed in his design concept video and so far this is how my plan looks like:

1.Buy a pair of sit stand legs,

  1. Start the DIY design with a box and then firat have your config set then accordingly start placing required mounting holes then design the ventilation,

  2. Then actually start fabrication (or take help of a friend who is good in wood work - I am lost at this part so i better leave it for somebody that knows exactly how to do the cuts :) .

I've also considered Sheet metal but I know it will be harder and also it will be more expensive.

  1. Then think of all the miscellaneous parts I may need , like fan filters etc etc

  2. Since it's my own design , I can have it fully air cooled with good ventilation

It's not much but it's a start.

I know It's like tossing money off the back of a train - Has anyone tried it? How much did it cost?

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