6/30 Challenge - What about organization?

in desk •  8 months ago


I decided to take part to this challenge (started by @bkdbkd and @verhp11) to stretch the writing muscle and honestly because it’s fun.

So lets start with day 6
_What is over your bed or desk today? Do you consider yourself a organised person? _

I think that it highly depends if in that particular day a practice yoga or not. Ahaha
Let’s say that I can’t start to work if the desk is a mess, but usually at the end of the day, it’s kind of “creatively disorganized” (this is how they call it, right?) ;)

But, by the way, is one of the best places I like to be, because I can spend hours and hours on editing pictures and writing on @steemit <3

If you like to join the 30-days contest, please follow these rules

Use the hashtag #creativepostchallenge, so @bkdbkd can find your blog!
Share the link & the rules of this post and challenge in the end of your post so other users can find it too.
Have fun!

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