Look at me! I look so original now! Thank you @localola!

The New SteemKitten

Cuddle Me!

and become my cuddle-buddy!

just in case you've been living under a rock,

the awesome @localola won the Design A Character Contest!

but even more exciting is:

she also wants to collaborate with giving me a new face for real

now how awesome is that?!

Go check out her blog, she's brand new to steemit:

>>> @localola <<<

go give her a cuddle, too!

I had a real fun time with the #designacharacter contest.

I've met so many new lovely cuddle buddies there
and I have memories about almost 300 steemians now.

I admit, I also tripped over my own feet sometimes.

So my trainer has some homework to do, obviously!

And while @localola can make me look my awesomest,

I'll just enjoy cuddling with you all in the meantime!



cuddle-bot written by @fraenk
artwork provided by @localola


Congrats to the winner, great design


Hi @steemkitten! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.02 SBD @tipU from @whatisnew :)

Check out new tipuvote! feature :)

nice service and all, but does that comment really need to be self-voted to the top of the list?!

Nice cat. Cheerful but rocky.

You are so adorable @steemkitten! Congratulations @localola! Great work and now I want to cuddle even more. Tip!

Looking sooo cute! ^_^

cuddling hard gif

Wiiiii ^_^

Congratulations @localola for giving @steemkitten a new face! Super cute! : )

thank you :D

here kitty kitty.. ;) finally you've got a face! looking forward to more cuddling sprees!

cuddling hard gif

Awww you look wonderful @steemkitten! :D
GREAT WORK @localola!

heheh, SO cute!

(=^ ◡ ^=)

Oh hi, what a cutie!!

milk treading gif

Congratulations @localola for blessing @Steemkitten with a purrrrrrrrrfectly adorable face.

for some obscure reason kitten never recognised this comment?!

some brain surgery may be in order... i know that sounds cruel, but it's for her own good!

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A well-deserved prize - in my honest opinion! When I saw @localola's drawing I was instantly swayed, looking forward to @steemkitten's cuddles :)

cuddling hard gif

If you follow ,upvote ,comment and resteem ,i will do Same

The cats were nice but scary

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