Hi Steemians, this is my entry “Fuzzy Kitty Bot”. She’s a fuzzy little steemy-eyed kitten that needs a hug. She’s still not too old to suck her thumb, awe. I think she would be an awesome @steemkitten. I drew her from my iPad Procreate app, using an airbrush tool. She has all the Steemit colors.

Which Pose?

Included are 3 alternate poses, which one do you like?

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Really cute! Good luck in the contest! :3


@fole, hey thank you so much.

omg she's so fluffy I'm gonna die

really like that you gave her a cuddle blanket for an accessory!

I could imagine something like the first pose to work well for "begging-for-attention" comments, she looks a bit sad and needy there (that's a good thing - in a twisted way)

The steem logo in her eyes makes her look a bit drugged-up... that's quite funny actually but I guess it makes it a bit harder to communicate emotion through those eyes.

Thanks for an early entry!


Hi @fraenk, you’re comments were halarious! Didn’t really say wheather you liked the kitty or not. I assumed ya did since you wanted to die over her fluffy ness. You know, I thought the same thing about the eyes showing emotion, So I’ll do another type of cat without. I actually live with three cats.


i like all the kitties :D

Didn’t really say wheather you liked the kitty or not.

gots to keep the suspense up to the finale don't we

Awww Oh my goodness @lildebbiecakes this looks so good! That blanket actually looks super comfy, that's amazing! : )


Thank you @renascence, I appreciate your comments.

Haha she's really fluffy. 😁
Nice entry @lildebbiecakes!
And your character is recognizable in the poses.
A thing I would change, as @fraenk already said, are the eyes. They are making her... I would say too "artificial"(?)
Thanks for your entry! :)


Hi @w0olf thanks for the heads up about the eyes. I was thinking, when I created these two kittens, they could look like robots because the “steemit kitten” is a robot. But I’ve still got time to create another one. I’m retired now, I can do that. Thanks again.