Taking submission for @bellyrub banners

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Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.02.46 AM.png

I am looking for a banner for @bellyrub

The one you see above is my current banner.
I am looking for a more complex more professional banner, The one above is cool and all I just need to change it up a bit.

Instead of making it a some what of a contest I will vote every submission and will just pick one. : ) So no one has to do any work for free, how does that sound? I really have no ideas for it so please just use your own imagination, I run @bellyrub I run various contests and also run @bellyrubbank, you can use any of that and more to use for the banner.

What I do not want is generic made ones, If that is the case I can do that. I want my followers to get some work in and get rewarded for it. Is that why we are here?

It is real simple take your time make steemit's @bellyrub a banner with some of the things I described up top. Get a vote for your contribution. Simple right? I thought so.

Send in your submission there is no cut off time to submit. Every one gets a vote for their work

Go follow @podanrj, if you want some amazing designs! He made @zeartul

Taking submission for banners still every one gets a vote for their submissions.


Hola amigo.
Te hice esto, espero te guste. :]

Así quedaría en tu perfil


@zeartul He guardado el archivo editable por si quieres algún cambio. :]

bellyrub banner.png

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I ran away with what you've got.
and if you need the same. I can.

@zeartul - I hope @podanrj puts in a submission because as you say his work is quite amazing. I am going to work on one now!

OK ! Here is my Submission @bellyrub ! I added everything on top of the water bubbles banner and blender mixed on your Belly Rub image with the fish and whales in tool whiz photos . Hope you like it ! @karenmckersie

@zeartul I see @bellyrub like bleu color .. So This is my attempt :)
It's will look nice with his Blue profile picture I hope You like it ^^ 41xwsq.PNG

Awesomeness ! I will try to come up with something !😃

5Great work , you doing great. I love this post .
And thanks for sharing


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Cool, looking forth to it :)
I will if I got a good one ;)