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Hello, dear friends of Steemit, today I share my participation in the Caspian contest.

This design was made to participate in the Caspian contest, today I made a logo for Caspian.

Today we have the services of this Application to improve the administration of cryptomodena of different portfolios in one place.

CASPIAN is a complete asset management solution that covers the business life cycle. Includes a fully developed OEM, PMS and RMS. It provides a unique interface in all major encryption exchanges, a complete set of sophisticated trading algorithms, historical P & L and exposure tracking and professional customer service.

CASPIAN gives us the best solutions to take finances in critpomodena because it offers a variety of technological tools that will help us integrate all the accounts of several modern ones in one place with only one to your account you can have a report of your finances in real time CASPIAN is the best application that exists, with the services provided by merchants and entrepreneurs will be encouraged to be part of the world's economic change.

I present my presentation design for the Caspian company

In my design, we can observe colors such as light blue and light green, purple, where images of the benefits are placed. The name of this prestigious company focuses on blue and gray, as it represents maturity and wisdom.

Imagen Media Taybel.PNG

Imagen media 2 tay.PNG

More information about CASPIAN I invite you to visit the following links:

Caspian Website
Caspian WhitePaper
Caspian Steemit
Caspian YouTube
Caspian Telegram
Caspian Videos
Caspian Blog
Caspian Events
Caspian News
Caspian Linkedin
Caspian Management

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