Chocolate bathroom! 🍸

in #design3 months ago (edited)

Heey guys! Are you ready to see some of my work? 🤓

In my first story I wrote about me and my interests. I am an architect and my passion is interior design. So, today I am gonna show you some of the jobs i’ve done. Maybe it will inspire you! ✨

There is always many combinations and options, but the one must be right! 🤓
This idea of bathroom was client’s imagination. After few conversations, I finally made a perfect image of their wishes. First I always prepare one design with my own sensibility, second only with client’s wishes and third is mostly the winner - a combination of these two.

This bathroom is gold. That’s the first thing I recognized. I added some more softly notes. Somehow we ended here - CHOCOLATE BATHROOM.








It kind of looks like it is made of big chocolate bars.

Yes, definitely! 🤭

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