iPhone cover

in #design2 years ago

After taking a break from blogging and designing I am back with some crypto inspired iPhone covers.

Case Overview by Nextin3d.png

I am looking forward to see how they will look like once I print them with flexible plastic on my 3d printer.
Here are a few additional images of my favourites.


EOS case by Nextin3d.png
EOS iphone cover designed in Fusion360 and rendered using Blender 3d


STEEM case by Nextin3d.png
I really like the blue on this cover and look forward how it will look like on my phone


BTC case by Nextin3d.png
Good old Bitcoin in yellow as we know and love it.

Once I tested that the cover will fit on my iphone XR I will upload the .stl files on my Thingiverse page for free download.

More details can be found on my own website Nextin3d

All the best!



Now that will be the best thing to carry always isn't it wow :D