Cactus trophy design for 3d Printing Awards

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A few weeks back I submitted a cactus design made of two parts that are impossible to print using traditional manufacturing techniques (e.g. CNC, Molding) for a design competition on

The competition is closed now and I am eagerly waiting for the results since the winner will receive an Ultimaker 3 which I could use very well because I sold my Prusa Printer a 3 month ago.

Due to the challenge I discovered a great little tool called meshmixer from Autodesk that allows to modify 3d meshes by adding / removing material or changing the surface altogether. With meshmixer I could take my solid cactus model and transform 1 half into a lattice shape and put wholes into the other half. The result looks great in my opinion.

Cactus by nextin3d.png
Rendered image of the cactus design I submitted for the contest

I created the initial cactus shape using Fusion360 Form Tool which was a new experience since I am not very familiar with organic shapes. After some trial and error I eventually succeeded with creating the shape and base I wanted and which I could use to modify further using meshmixer.

cactus by nextin3d.gif
Cactus modeled in Fusion360

Imported to meshmixer I played around with some settings to apply the lattice shape on one half and the wholes on the second half. It took me quiet some time but after watching a few Youtube Videos I eventually got to the shape I imagined. If you like 3d design and want to transform your solid models into very abstract looking shapes, then I recommend to look into meshmixer. I am sure you going to like it.

All the best!


Great to see you after such a long time and you are back with a bang that's looks so amazing

Thank you! I can always count on your comments :-)

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That is an awesome design. Your creativity really shines through. I hope to see even cooler designs from you in the future!

Thank you. Yes I aim to share designs more frequently again.

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Looks really interesting !

I'm competing in the Selfcad design challenge myself. I could use a 2 color printer hehe

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Good look to you! Yes dual printers are really nice.

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Hello, @ tarekadam. How are you? I haven't seen your post for a long time. Where have you been? I think your cactus trophy design is very beautiful. I hope you win the contest.God bless u my friend. Have a nice day.

Yes it has been a while since my last post. Thanks for your comment. God bless you.

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