Blender - isometric office design

in design •  8 months ago

tarekadam office.png

A few days ago I saw some awesome isometric room designs on reddit (created in Blender) and got inspired to try it out myself using my office as reference.

If you are following my posts for a while than you might recognise a few / all of the designs on my bookshelf and my favourite one on my desk :-)

Below are the links to the posts I made earlier on Steemit in case you missed those.

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  • Master Yoda
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  • Boba Fett

    tarekadam office.gif
    Testing various angles and light in sample render

    If you find these kind of design interesting as well than please let me know and I will either record a tutorial on my next isometric room design or even better host a live recording on DLive! (Would be my first!).

    All the best!


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wow, it's a very minimalist room, I think we can use a small room to decorate as you describe, interesting because it can draw with the application, this is a lesson for me, and I will try to do it for my own room, do you mind Sir?


Thank you, yes sure give it a try!

First of all i really want to appreciate your work and this piece is reflecting really an professional piece and literally reflecting as great architectural design and i am waiting for your tutorial. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you very much. I like these kind of designs and my next one will be a tutorial.


Welcome and i will wait for that tutorial. Thank you. 🙂

Hi @ tarekadam! I really like this post. Loving the design and style


Thank you!

a perfect place to do work with productivity i liked that one :)


I am glad you like it!

yeah these kind of design is very interesting !!

Beautifull pffice dear . You should make this type of office


Thank you!