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3d Steem by tarekadam.png

I tried out the new release of Blender 3d, version 2.8 and decided to make a quick tutorial on how to model the STEEM logo, enjoy!

  1. First find a STEEM logo on the internet and drag the file into a Blender view. I have selected the Front View.


  2. With SHIFT+A open the context menu and add a Cylinder to the scene.

    Add Cylinder.png

  3. Now it is time to bring the Cylinder in shape. Select first the edge ring using Alt + MouseClick and than G button to move the Cylinder in place.


  4. In order to get a better result once we smooth out the surface, it is best to replace the current flat surface (n points) at the top and end of the cylinder with a surface that has 4 points.

    Fill Hole.gif

  5. Now I use a modifier called Subsurface which will smooth out the edged surface to a round surface.

    Subdevide Surface.gif

  6. Final step is to make two clones of the initial shape and place them next and right.


  7. Adding some nice shiny white material.

    Perl effect.png

That's it. Please let me know in the comments if you have questions or if you have suggestions for more tutorials.


Coming alive so perfect great to see this render art !

It's always great to see the creation process, well done

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

Congratulations @tarekadam!
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