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Frederick Law Olmstead Jr. defined Urban Planning as the "intelligent control or guidance of the physical form of the city, in its entirety; this entails taking account of the past, present and future trajectory of a city’s development and in turn making informed decisions about what should and should not be part of the cityscape."

Urban design as a concept entails the planning, and giving shape or appearance to the city, especially one that is intended to make it more attractive, habitable and comfortable for living.

Why Urban planning is important

•Town planning regulates use and development of land (in public interest)
•‎Town planning is important influence on land values
•‎Town planning would influence liability to tax

‎Relating these to our personal life, we should plan our lives to improve the value of our lives. Napoleon Hill once said

"The fear of criticism is at the bottom of the destruction of most ideas which never reach the planning and action stage."

Making necessary plans for your lives can make you a success and everything you lay your hands on will turn to gold.
Your life as a whole should be a good example to others and your life must also be one people can emulate. Never live for yourself, learn to live for others because by living for others, you are definitely living for your self but you can't live for others by simply living for yourself. Learn to impact lives, learn to beautify lives as we don't know what may become of our offsprings later in life.
There was a time I was looking for an assistance from someone but it's not forthcoming, I tried so hard but to no avail. Fortunately for me one day, the man had the chance to go through my file and seeing my surname ( family name ) he requested I come see him. Upon entering his office he asked about my family name and I explained where I came from and everything about myself. The man was surprised and he told me that my father did something good for him some years ago that he can never forget and then decided to help me which he eventually did in no time. My father's decision then affected me in one way or the other. Had it been he took a step not to help the man, it would have cost me dearly.

Please let's make a proper planning and strike a great decision that will positively affect our generation. It's never too late to start, you can start right here, right now!

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The importance of planning in human activities cannot be overemphasized. Urban design has a subject as thought me a lot about development control, site analysis, land use planning. Etc. This is a very good write up which should be encouraged by resteeming. Let's spread the word!