Offering rewards for feedback! 2 Solar Power time-lapse films finished today

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Sundaya Solar are set to change the world with their inexpensive, simple and funky products.

I am proud to be able to offer my creativity to this great cause. Having just finished two product description time-lapse films, I am in need of some fresh eyes to give me feedback before the big meeting on Friday.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 19.33.56.png

I will reward anyone who answers my three questions below with a 100% upvote.

And will even upvote & resteeem your latest post too if you can give me a criticism which leads to me making an adjustment.

But please, I don't want to hear that which you think I want to hear! Speak from your heart. Be honest. I take nothing personally. One whiff of inauthenticity and there will be no votes at all.

That goes for you 'upvote me dear' 😋

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 19.33.18.png

These films were finished moments ago and are not yet public so there's still time to make final changes.

Without further ado... I give you the JouleStick & the Ulitium


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 18.59.08.png



Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 19.01.27.png


If you took the whopping 1min 15secs to watch these two films I would greatly appreciative if you could take one further moment to answer the following questions in the comments below.

I will upvote you at 100% if you do 🎉

The Three Questions

  • Do the films seem clear in the way I visually explain the functionality of the products?

  • Do the products appear simple to use?

  • You can see the price, so do the films make you want to buy one?

Here's the website for those of you who simply can't hold back one moment longer to get your hands on the next generation of solar power. Hey, would make a great Christmas present!

Sundaya Solar

Sunlight is ENDLESS 🔆

and so too is our potential to use it to our advantage


That is why I chose to help the people of Bali by raising money to get them solar power at a difficult time for them. These panels & lights will last a min of 25 years and will have a massive impact on the lives of those who still use kerosene lamps & diesel generators. Steemit has left its mark here in Bali 🙏🏻

Hope you took the time to watch the above film too. Steemit charity in Bali. Thanks to all Steemians who were involved in raising the money to make this amazing project happen and change the lives of these people for a very long time.

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Who is @samstonehill?

He was a London based filmmaker until he sold everything and set out on a barefoot journey around the world.

Currently based in Bali he travels with his partner & two children. With no bank account he has been living on STEEM & crypto for over six months.

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It is probably too late to answer !
On the first Joule stick presentation, things are going a little too fast for me.
The second one is better.
These are two great presentations, thank you.
1- yes
2- Yes
3- Yes

Alright, Sam. I just happened to see your post pop up in my feed. I tend to notice little things and people like to hear my opinion on stuff. This is just my opinion, it does not mean I'm right, So here goes...

The music was PERFECT.
I kind of wished the milk carton box were blue instead of (baby poo) brown. Blue and white or even green seems a more pleasing color, but I'm sure they had their reason for choosing that (not sure if you did).

I almost wished the lighting was like the pure white kind you see in a Jony Ive Apple "white room" video. I love the way you showed how the objects fit together. but in the first video, I wanted the spinning objects to be sharper as they looked out of focus to me. Maybe they were trying to highlight the main object but I'd still like them sharper.

My favorite video was the second one, the bulb. But I would still have everything brighter, more in focus and I would have made the text larger and black for more contrast in both videos. Good job putting everything together. I liked the way everything slid out of the box in video 2.

1 - Yes
2 - Yes
3 - Only the second one (the light bulb) I may not be your intended audience for the first one, which would be great in a developing country


Thanks very much for your feedback. I will be sure all these notes get back to the person who makes the decisions. Some of the things you mentioned like the shallow depth of field was unavoidable given the circumstances. Naturally there was no budget at all ;) Theses days it's about making the most of what I already have.

WOW! Yes the films are awesome. I feel like I could get one in the mail and set it up without instructions if I used your clips. Might have to hit pause lol! Those are truly amazing, and yes, at those prices I want one. I want several, of each! GREAT product and very good videos!


Thanks! Well I hope very much you will be buying one :)

I should really make myself a rep and help them out here on Steemit...


We have a second house on our property that we want to be totally "off grid" and I suspect a few of these may find their way into that home!


Excellent. Our upcoming mobile home will have a few for sure!

Here is my take from a 70 yr old. After watching both 4 times ea.

First one opened good with carton, but then moved too fast and a bit jerky.
The first 2x's I thought the words on the screen should have stayed on longer, because going from the motion to the words and back takes a couple of split seconds longer.
By the 4th one the whole seemed good.

The 2nd video was better than the first. Slow enough to take most of it in.
You probably have a time line to fit everything in. So would be hard to slow it down in certain spots. 2nd one can stand as is . Good job @samstonehill and I like the products.


Thanks very much for your feedback. Always important to hear the thoughts of someone your age. I often take for granted that the pace of commercials & films are speeding up all the time, trying to cram in as much information as possible to deal with the shorter and shorter attention spans!

But that doesn't cater for everyone.

Thanks again ;)

Part of these feel bit too rush but I think that's an objective to keep within certain time for obvious reasons. I think the USB thing though these days I'll also want to know the mAh for these nowadays. Nice touch with the sun and splash appearing for a while. in the second one, I don't feel the hand need to be there holding onto the rope pull switch for that long.

Do the films seem clear in the way I visually explain the functionality of the products?
In a way, yes though I'm not sure if the unboxing takes up unnecessary bandwitdth 50-50 on that. The 2nd one so big compared to the first, I'll rather be using as a lantern than a torch.
Do the products appear simple to use?
Looks simple enough.
You can see the price, so do the films make you want to buy one?
No because I don't feel like I need one where I am but for Indonesia or places where power is less predictable, I won't mind having one with me.


Good observations and thoughts there my friend. Much appreciated. Will put all these notes to the boss lady before the final edit is made :)

Hope you will buy yourself one of these & keep spreading the message. Sunlight is abundant :)


Ah... the full details is there. I'll go there and busybody a bit. Thanks for the infor.

After watching both videos a couple of times here is my opinion. The 1st video to me moves too fast, with too much spinning. I felt it was distracting. I also think a visual would be helpful for seeing just how bright the light is, saying it is one thing but showing it really would be helpful! For the 1st video the product looked really easy to setup and use. I currently have a similar product as this one but with no USB charger making this item something that I would buy, especially seeing as it is only $5 more than the base model.

For the 2nd video I felt it did move slower and was a bit easier to visualize. Again it looked simple to setup and use right out of the box. I really like that there are multiple options depending on how many lights you want! Just overall I liked the 2nd one better and I do not have much to say other than good job! Yes this a product that I would be willing to buy!

Also keep up the good work there!


All great notes there! Thanks very much. Will be reviewing all these notes with the boss lady at the end of the week before the final edit is made. Really appreciate your honest input.

Hope to see you buy one!


How did it go with the boss lady? Oh and yes I would not be surprised if I end up buying one!

I like the products. I feel that the first video captured my attention more than the second one did for our families lifestyle. More compact and overall seemed more organized.
On the second product I don't personally seeing it be something that I would use as frequent. Needless to say I do think they both are powerful for flexibility on uses.
Specially since they can provide energy to places that aren't so fortunate.
Regarding to your questions:

Do the films seem clear in the way I visually explain the functionality of the products?

Yes the films are great I think the first one really captured my attention the most possibly because it felt more compact and more uses

Second one seemed like too much hassle to use in a portable quick solution.

Do the products appear simple to use?

Yes both products are shown to be simple to use and with the video it is useful to see how hassle-less the product really is by using the timelapse

You can see the price, so do the films make you want to buy one?
Makes me want to buy the first one :-)

Once again this is just my opinion and I am seeing it as in how it would fit into my families busy lifestyle.
Other than that congratulations on the videos they look good and portrayed accurately what the uses were.
One suggestion if you can possibly include a short clip time lapse of them being used in the real world: Picnic, Camping, Fishing, Etc

Hope that helped and good luck on your journey!


Thanks so much for your honest and detailed feedback. Wish my 100% vote was worth a bit more.

Will be reviewing all these important notes with the boss lady before the end of the month.

Thanks again for your help and hope very much you do decide to buy one!

Do the films seem clear in the way I visually explain the functionality of the products?

Pretty much. Sometimes your productions tend to be a little bit too intense (for my personal "intensity threshold") on movement and visual embelishments (although I know [that many people like these). These two videos above are a GOOD merger of visuals and motion within the parameters of the "commercial" format. I think the visuals directions are clear and NOT overdone. Well done.

Do the products appear simple to use? Yes, again in line with the time constraints of "commercial" format. The core information gets across, although it might take many people a few views to really get it down.

You can see the price, so do the films make you want to buy one? I think the prices are REASONABLE for what is presented.

Hope this helps.


It does help. Thank you.

Love how steemit works in so many diverse ways!

Will be reviewing all these important notes with the boss lady before the end of the month. And perhaps there will be another by then. The JouleBox... which is the most complicated of all the kits.

Thanks again for your help and hope very much you do decide to buy one!


Actually, I AM very much in the market for a solar charger for my LAPTOP, for when the power goes out (often) here in the jungle, AND when I need to do some "guerilla camping" to get away from the MASSES OF ASSES. I'll look through the solar chargers pages and offer some marketing feedback (if I think it will be helpful)? If I like one, could I pay in SBD? I would have to save up for it for a while, but this kind of product has been on my list of essentials for a WHILE now.


Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 09.35.25.png

I am sure the owner would accept Steem.

Problem solved :)


Interestingly, after posting my previous (above) post the electricity went out in my guesthouse for a full 4-5 hours. That is where this sort of solar power device would be valuable, and a good investment, since that time I am unplugged is time I can't promote posts and do other stuff to earn survival income. Sam, I'll send you a message in Steemit Chat to pursue this further. Please look out for that. Thanks.

Simply incredible. I'm not so much interested in winning anything. Just wanted to say, that is an impressive product. I do indeed think it would be nice to own one. It would be great for a camping trip. But especially helpful to a place that does not have electricity for light at night. I heard North Korea faces similar problems. BUT... YES, I do think the video is simple enough, and makes sense enough, and yes does make me want to buy one. I was confused by the bottle at first, but it makes sense. Very interesting product. I am wishing you the best with that!

side note: I got my streemian to work again, I'm now able to keep track of my favorites which does indeed mean you. im able not to miss a chance to vote on your posts and support your generous efforts. And i've even got my own curation trail running, and I made a recent post inviting fellow minnows in case they are interested. I am always so thankful that you seem to often vote on my posts Sam. I sincerely appreciate that.

Wishing you all the best! Great product. Hope it all works out!


Thanks buddy. All great notes to take back to HQ for review! Final edit should be done next week.

Really appreciate your optimism & honesty 🙏🏻

And it is my pleasure to vote you back from time to time ;)

Great time lapse product demos.
The only things I picked up was reading on a phone the screen text was a bit hard to read and not sure about the 3m extension cord is the the plug in vird or the on off switch cord?
Would I buy one? Yes I think the joule stick is great for packing in an emergency or camping kit. The Ultimate would be great also.


Thanks bro. Yeah, the text is a bit small. I do agree.

Yeah the 3m chord is so that you can have it hanging high up in the ceiling but still be able to turn on/off

Hope you get round to buying one! I wouldn't mind the JouleStick personally. There is a more powerful version of the one in this film too.

The dangling cord thing looks like something between a ballsack and a nugget of shit hanging upon a hair. I don't know why it bothered me so much. Maybe if it would be white. But then it gets dirty more easily. But how easily could that be? Sry, im intoxicated and tend to ramble.
The texts weren't so much as fast, but they somehow failed the first connection. And twice it happened. Both times I noticed those snippets only after the third or so popped up. You need to capture the user and make them understand that you have to follow things. Might be only users who log in 4:20 tho.

But its obvious that you know your craft. Well done.

I will keep an eye on Sundaya. Small solar is the way to go. I had a fully solar powered file server running on a system that was not much bigger than this. Solar is more powerful than people give it credit for.


haha! Love your honesty. Nugget of shit hanging upon a hair ;) classic.

All your thoughts are important. And I appreciate you taking the time to spell them out here.

Great feedback for me to review with the boss before making the final edit.

Let me provide a feedback on this Sam. I love camping and hiking so for the past 5 years I have been buying solar products for camping and eventually started converting more to solar use in my home. More than half my home runs on solar electrical devices. I focus more on portable products so I can use the item at home or camping.

Do the films seem clear in the way I visually explain the functionality of the products? YES but you can improve on it.

This is my recommendations:
I don't understand what "SPLASH PROOF" means. Did you mean "Waterproof?" Please clarify this. Most solar items are waterproof these days including heavy rain. If it is waterproof then I would relabel SPLASH PROOF with waterproof AND have actual water run down on it to show it still operable.

I would change "PHONE STICK" to PHONE CHARGER.

Do the products appear simple to use? Maybe. I would say that this depends on the user education. If the user does NOT know it is a solar item then they would NOT know that direct sunlight is required to charge it.

I would recommend that you redo the video to show that the solar panels need to be in the sun, like placing the solar panels in front of the window.

You can see the price, so do the films make you want to buy one? NO, There are better products out there.

Reason: I like compact items like having no strings as an on/off switch. The string can get caught and break then I have a useless item.

If you are the manufacturer or have close ties to them then this is what I recommend on product improvement.

1.) No detachable parts because those parts can be lost.

2.) I recommend that the batteries be replaceable. The option to buy new batteries from the manufacturer is a good idea.

Lithium Ion batteries only allows so many discharge from it so eventually the batteries need to be replaced. I have many of these solar items lying around that are useless to me now and the only problem is the battery that lost its ability to store charge.

3.) You want to make the product globally interchangeable with other solar products. For this reason, you want to make All connections to be USB to make it interchangeable with other solar devices.

Please check out Teslamaker or Lasersaber on Youtube. They used to have a website call

Their items was one of the best out there. All their solar units were compact and portable with no loose items connected to it. Their ideas was extremely revolutionary progressive. They made the battery for their solar kits interchangeable with powerbanks so as powerbanks improve so can your battery for their solar kits. Powerbanks are for charging phones and these banks are charged through USB.