Christmas Designs

in #design2 years ago

two of my favorite Christmas designs for this year. The simplicity is what really made me like them above others.

That is the mother of design - Simplicity.
As a designer with skill, when commissioned with a design, you have the urge to put in all of your skill(especially your most recently acquired ones) This only makes your work blend in with the noise in the design community. Adding all the colours, graphics, vectors and blending modes with trending techniques. Phew!!!! Such designs are seen admires and passed by(like every other design) what really sets the simplest designs apart is that they are easy to remember and because of the use of a dual colour pallete they become pleasing to look at.

My take on designing and has been said and illustrated in so many books, videos and seminars "less is more" "kiss" keep it stupidly simple.

PS: depending on the audience your designing for, sometimes the simplicity has to be knocked off