DIY- Reclaimed Wood Industrial Pipe TV Stand

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Reclaimed Wood and Industrial Pipe TV Stand

Hi Steemians!!

I finally had the chance this past year to build the TV stand I had been wanting for a while after I got the idea from Pinterest. This is probably my favorite project I did last year!!🔨(thanks to the help of my dad!)

The TV stand is 54" long X 18" wide X 28" tall.

I decided on the size of my stand by measuring the space I was planning on putting it in. One thing I forgot about when making the stand was to include the thickness of the top piece of wood(2½"). I actually had my dad re-cut and re-thread the top pipe to make it shorter so my stand would sit at 28" tall.

To make the base of the stand my dad got old pipes from his work. The pipes are 3/4" thick. We had to cut and thread the pipes to the sizes we needed. To do this we used my great grandpa's old hand pipe threader die and cutter tools, this part probably took the longest. We also bought some of the other supplies. Here are the supplies you will need.

For the base of the stand:

12- ¾" x 4" nipples
8- ¾" black threaded tees
2- ¾" black threaded unions
8- ¾" threaded floor flanges
4- ¾" black pipe (we cut 4 at 14" for the height)
2- ¾" black pipe (we cut 2 at 41 ½" for the length)
*Depending on the size of your stand you can change the sizes to fit your need.

For the DVD middle shelf:

2- ¾" threaded elbows
2- ¾" threaded floor flanges
2- ¾" threaded caps
2- ¾" x 5" nipples
2- ¾" x 11" nipples

I found that the supplies were much cheaper when I ordered them online from SupplyHouse, but you can get them at your local hardware store as well.

To paint the pipes I used Rust-Oleum Black Flat Spray Paint. Before I spray painted the pipes I made sure to clean the oil and grease off of the pipes so the paint would stick. To do this I used 1 part vinegar mixed with 2 parts hot water in a spray bottle. I sprayed the mixture on the pipes and let it sit for about 5 minutes before wiping it off. The grease was instantly gone, I didn't have to scrub it off at all!!

For the wood, I found it on Facebook from someone local selling it. The top piece of wood actually came from the old Larkin Building here in Buffalo, and was used during WWII as the ramp for the Jeeps to drive up onto so they could be stored in the building.
This is a cool mark we found on one of the pieces! I absolutely love the history of the wood.

I didn't want to lose too much character in the wood, so I lightly sanded it to smooth a few rough parts over, and I sealed it with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax. It gives it a nice finish, while keeping the same natural look of the wood.

I just love all the character in the wood! 😍

My dad loved the way the stand turned out so much, that we actually went back two more times to get more!! After that my dad made two more stands, one for him and one for the neighbor. We are thinking we might make a few more to try to sell next year!

As always I have to decorate for the season!! Here is my stand decorated during fall🍂 with some flowers from my cousins wedding!!🌻

I can't wait to see what new projects 2018 will bring. I already have a ton ideas that I will be sharing this year!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! 😊💜


That looks so good. I may use that for my man cave one day... now just to convince my wife to let me have a man cave

Thank you!! haha it would be perfect for one! every man should have a man cave!!

This is a really great post... the TV stand looks so good, I love the little DVD stand underneath. You and your dad did such a good job!

Thank you!!❤️ It was quite a learning process! I didn’t measure my DVD player before cutting the wood for the shelf, but I ended up getting lucky because it just fits exactly!

It fits perfectly!!!
I can't believe you got that lucky, it honestly looks totally perfect for that exact DVD player.

I love the pipes as well... I've built a gym in my shed using scaffolding, but those black pipes would have looked so much cooler.

The pipes were the hardest part since we had to cut a lot of the pieces and then thread them!

That’s pretty cool tho!! You probably would have needed a lot of pipes for that!!

so whats your job, what will you do after that

I work for a corporate business doing a customer service job, but I love working on projects and anything creative. I have a big project idea for a kitchen table but I have to wait for summer to do it!

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Wow, fantastic job. I much prefer to make or renovate something than to buy. No one can have exactly what you have then! Lovely work!

Thanks so much!! :) I totally agree with you, I love making furniture and decorations rather than buying them. It's getting to the point that almost everything in my apartment is something I have either made or refurbished.

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