[RFD] A Steemit Design

in #design4 years ago (edited)

[Request for designs] I just finished an interview where the writer afterwards asked for a design that shows the interconnected, socialmedianess of Steemit that we could use in the article he publishes.

Any quality entries would be greatly appreciated!


alt text here's a quick attempt. you can suggest changes.....

cool! I feel a transparent background on the logo might blend better. I just created a #designs channel in slack and pinned all the logos which are free to use. if you're not in slack yet here is the link to the auto inviter http://steem.herokuapp.com :)

ok, yeah, i was also thinking about the transparency issue. I'll join the slack in a bit. thx.

come on anybody :)
will try to upload an idea later this day ...

ned can i get your autograph?

i will. i need a bit of time.

actually I'm working on it now.

Hello :) sorry to post here when it's only partially relevant - I'm a jeweller and I hand crafted a Steemit inspired Sterling Silver pendant - posted about it last night if you are interested in what that looks like - I was wondering if you & @dan would like me to make one for you. I just made it for fun but thought it might be something cool for you guys to have since you created the company. If I am indeed on the right account! Cheers! Thanks for the awesome platform.

who illustrated the one in your post? which one did he ultimately go for?