[HIRING] Logo Designer and Branding Expert wanted

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Hello again from the merkle tree! :)

Now hiring professional logo designer branding kit

I'd like to hire a Logo Designer and Branding Expert.

To qualify:

  1. Be an Expert Graphic Designer; your URL-folio (with proof of IP ownership) is required
  2. Expert in designing custom Branding and Identity Kits
  3. Expert in Logo, Letterhead, Flyer, FB/Twitter Cover, and Business Card Design
  4. Steem Dollars (SBD) must still be legal in the country in which you live
  5. You must accept payments in SBD

NOT required, but this is a plus:

  1. Experience with multi-cultural awareness (color choices, etc)
  2. Familiarity with Agorism

This is a short term position for multiple projects. This job will employ you immediately, and I am very flexible on hours that you can commit as well as the timezone in which you live.

We are always at your side on Telegram/Keybase (+ there are 2 other Designers here) should you have any questions or want to pitch your ideas.


Not qualified? Please spread the word!


Qualified Applicants, please ping me on Telegram: http://t.me/kenCode

Thank You! :)
Peace, Love, and Agorism.

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I am ready for the job. By profession, I am a 3D designer and photoshop artist. You can check my work on my blog. I post daily some of my works which I work on. You will be fully satisfied to hire me.


I'm a web designer who dabbles in graphic design; would love to link up and network; I have a few logo design projects in the works now; and have a client who needs someone to 'draw' one of his Images into "digital format" --- Do you do any of that?? --- i'm following you now. Let's chat more


Yes I do that.

100% upvote and restemed to help you get a great designer ;)) full steem ahead

I have a newer account but still, resteemed to 60+ more people. I will be following you as this is something I may be interested in down the road a few months or a year. I wish you luck in your search.


A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.


Resteeemed your post. I wish I could be qualified but I guess I'm not in expert level yet :) I hope you can find your perfect Logo Designer @kencode :)

You can consider @malicered. He has done many free logo for steemit community :) Hope everything will be okay with your great projects


Upvoted, resteemed and patiently awaiting an update on you know who :)


me too.. he'll probably post the announcement today or tomorrow and his plans etc.

I resteened So you can find a great designer

upvoted and resteemed. more people need to see this

Resteemed. Maybe @malicered can help you.

Upvoted and resteemed @kencode sir, i hope you get Logo Designer and Branding Expert from my followers.


WOW thanx so much for the Re-steem @maryambibi !! :)

i dont work this but i resteemed this post and hope this post go to whole steemians and some one met u soon @kencode sir

I'm not qualified but I resteemed:)

Upvoted and resteemed :)

Upvoted and resteem sir. I hope you can help other people with this. Maximum Respect to you sir.

Hi kencode, thank you for sharing this article with us, I am a graphic designer and I expertise on branding and identity design, please check my portfolio here https://dribbble.com/andrenaline or check my blog, some of my last posts are some logos I designed for a contest that was held on steemit, please I need this one, contact me and I'll spend my most inspirable and valuable time on creating design you'll love, I'm a freelancer too but for me is more important designing things I like and love and everything on steemit is lovable and fun, so please just contact me assign me with your task and wait for the results, I'll make everything I can to please you :)

Kind regards,


Re-steemed, upvoted and followed you for more :)


I upvoted this so it's a bit more visable as I like what I saw on your profile.


Hi Andren, please ping me on telegram, thanx

Upvoted and resteemed @kencode sir, i wish you get good quality Logo Designer soon.

Am noh qualified though but i will surely spread your work good luck finding a good designer ...resteemed


Hope you find the right person for your requirements!

Good work and wonderful wish you more tender

Hi Sir.
I have a friend who has worked at various sites of the logo contest. Please contact him @fhauzye . thankyou :)

@veibone you might be interested in this

I wish you well in your projects

Hi @kencode please check out our website and let me know if you're interested in working with us!!

I am into photography, design and art, this post really caught my attention..but SBD is not really recognized in Africa as such, you can check my posted to see.. I really hope I can get this.. Thx for the info... most of my friends are into design.. I will extend this info to him.. if it's not late yet. @davidad.

I can work for you, ken. Been working in print houses, advertising, information, and have been self employed since 2004. A URLfolio dies not apply to me, since I have my feet solidly rooted in traditional publishing. Skills: photoshop, illustrator, quark express, in design (when I have to), and some other necessary tools and toys for various purposes. I photograph as a sideshow. But my heart is in typography and design.

I don't have any degree in graphic design, but one of my hobby is editing photos or making digital arts. I have done so many tarpaulin designs and logo I don't have a URL-folio so I don't think I could fit into this one.

by the way, I followed and reteemed this one. 😊 I hope you find what you are looking for. 😊 Have a nice day. 😊

I wish you much success. I am a branding expert, but overbooked right now.I will reach out and resteem for you, Also now following you to check on your progress.

This is lovely thanks for the info.. I am into art and graphics designed, but here SBD not official recognised... I will retweet this so that colleague who are into that might see.. Thx


I kinda doubt that SBD will ever be "officially" recognized, but then again, that's kinda the point when we are rendering those old systems obsolete anyway ;)

I am beginning to study code! Starting with html5!

Looks like the work in the future with these terms will be quiet common

Thx for sharing

I don't fit the requirements! :D Good luck!

I don't know if you already found someone but here is a guy who has a nice CV: @anritco . check his website/profile!

Hey not sure if you still are hiring for this but I make logos --- and def will accept SBD :D

Thanks for posting. I am really thinking to use such expert, who can design my post and make it ready for posting.

@kencode sir hope u will be find some one good and expert

I am professional designer, can help you with your logo and branding projects.
visit my website https://mohsinfancy.com and get in touch if you like what you see. :)

Branding isnt my specialty, but up for it.


A good example of teamwork. If each member of the castle becomes an expert on a small handful of altcoins, one can imagine that keeping track of promising investments becomes easier.

Very good job

good job

@kencode sir, your design is good . but sir if you can your design more good i hope you will get your expected tender and sir i really sorry for this comment as little person. please sir forgive me


This comment tho lol...Honestly not sure what it says, but he sounds apologetic.
GL on your search, you can get more traction if you add some more details.

i am not expert in making logos but i can make good ones <3

if i knew someone i will surely tell about this : )

@kencode it's interesting!!

@malicered might be interested

plz check at freelancer.com or fiverr


fiverr is low ball and plagiarism city and freelancer, no one verifies payment and it's another low ball game; pretty sure not a whole lot of people get paid. If you want to just do more free work sajjad use peopleperhour too. :/

How many things would you be asking, how much SBD would you be paying? Any numbers you can give?

i hope you hire hardworking person