The favourite Miami Motel of Frank Sinatra and Me 😋 ~ Das Lieblings-Miami-Motel von Frank Sinatra und mir 😋

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Hallo, ich habe einen weiteren großartigen und mega design-offenen Raum entdeckt! Eine Location des legendären Motels mit einer aufregenden Mischung aus Weltoffenheit, Kreativität und Spaß. Das elegante Motel trägt seine glamouröse Vergangenheit aus den 1950er Jahren. Nicht nur ich bin in diesen Ort verliebt, auch Frank Sinatra - es war hier ein Lieblingsort von Frank Sinatra.
Hello everyone, I've discovered another brilliant and mega design-open space! A Yard of iconic Motel with an exciting and vibrant mix of cosmopolitanism, creativity and fun. The stylish Motel takes over its glamorous past from 1950s. Not only I am in love with this place, but also Frank Sinatra - it was a favorite place of Frank Sinatra.






IMG_3796 2.JPG




Herzliche Grüße an meine Steemet Friends! 🍀
Warmly greetings for my Steemet Friends! 🍀 Content and all photos by kam.ila (Canon&iPhone)


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I must admit that I am a little bit jaleous :)

hey, @kam. ila - The combinations are huge. Deeply moving is your patience with which you also let details appear. Frank S. is full of life in your Miami motel in imaginative beautiful thoughts and pictures. Frank is worshipped, with the tolerance of history. He'll show up through your mail. I choose your memories of him at 10/10.
It is a light to see you now in present where the spirit of Frank Sinatra floats.
Thank you for sharing this place with us. At every corner he's still ready for the next song. Frank never saw a more talented girl there than you. ;)

Es freut mich, dass es dir gut geht. Leider ist Franky nicht bei dir. Aber sein Spirit weht sicher noch durch den Raum.
Am 13.12. ist wieder unser Münchner Stammtisch; diesmal mit extra viel Frauen-Power (sagt zumindest die Anmeldeliste).


Hallo freiheit 50, freue mich sehr über deine Einladung, bin leider auf reisen sonst waere ich gerne gekonmen. Viele liebe Grusse an den Muncher Steem-Stammtisch

wow beautiful photographs indeed, i really like that place it looks so cool and calm and that swimming pool really increase it's beauty, it fantastic place to spent some time, Stay awesome and thanks for sharing

My dear friend @kam.ila.Your body figure is perfect.your teeth is very nice.Your leg is also nice.I think you daily exercise in the morning.My sweet friend you are very sweet.......

Wow I think I went crazy for a second :D Great photography and a pretty cool lady is there ;)


you must be busy but really those shots were very beautiful :)

wow you have discovered a gem of a piece this is truly wonderful place beautiful pretty shot :D

wow this is a amazing place thanks for sharing such beautiful shots :)

Exotic and spectacular shot looking very pretty :)

Lovely smile you made me smile haha :D

Impressive shot that is insanely beautiful

wonderful pics delight to watch them

Das sieht ja gut aus! Die Flecht-Sessel, wie schön, ich glaube in Deutschland waren die in den 70ern total angesagt.

Ow outstanding photography mam
Nice views
Thanks for sharing a good post mam
I will upvote & restreemed your post
Please see my posts mam

Super Bilder! Schau gerne auch bei mir vorbei für Fotos und Videos :) @finkistinger

Stunning views, beautiful colors. A very nice place to visit to. And the swinging pool looks amazing just adds to its beauty. Nice photography too 👍

The place does indeed looks great and more than that you are looking pretty :)
I do like the pool and the smile on your face !!

love to read it,,,,,,,,,
great photography looks so cool :)

Relaxing environment. Very nice.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time

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Wow excellent photography.

For your post propagation.

Beautiful and Very nice pics
Excellent post

OMG this is fantastic so beautiful very nice

This is the best post dear so beautiful pics lots of love :)