Magic of spheres

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Yesterday in Facebook one comrade made a note to me about the necessity of triangulation of the geodesic "quartet" so that the second belt of triangles was horizontal.
He is absolutely right, it is more convenient for construction.
But, my L3 publication was just a reflection of creativity.


Answered him that I could and that way, and not to be unfounded quickly zamodili sphere with a horizontal belt of the second row.

Right view 4v dome.jpg

And then something dragged on and decided to combine the segmented patterns.
I had to climb the Internet to solve the issue of combinatorics, I "gumanitariy" and samostoeyalno consider this all learned only after he filled in the Excel spreadsheet options. Helped me in this, a very valuable resource of all sorts of calculators -

That's what happened.
design sheet.png


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