A Logo I made

in design •  9 months ago 

Full description:


And the inspiration was a boatload of things. Binary code, fingerprint, sun, black holes, warp speed and of course some classic engravers typeface.

Logo skisse.png

I like to know more about projects than I do in this case, but it is a refurbished and tweaked sketch I made for something else.

Please toggle off night mode.

Greetings earthlings, especially @everlove

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I like it as its simple and clean.
Would like to see something more ICONIC, more POW dramatic etc.
You see the video?


To tell you the truth: I knew nothing about the concept. It was just a name and tweaking a sketch I already had. If I have the inspiration and time, I might do something figurative. Like in the vein of religious icons. We'll see.

Oh yeah!!!!! So awesome that you are joining in this creative project and encoding some power into this logo!!! So glad you're on the train @funkit!!! I'll be mentioning your logo in my next post momentarily. Thanks for giving us some love!

Awesome! Great entry @funkit!


Thank you

So glad you were inspired to join in the contest @funkit. I like this concept, and I especially like the next version you did of this logo. Thanks so much for being a part of the action.

Great, simple fonts!

Great logo I can see all the influences.


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