My Canna Curate Brand choice!

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Hey eveybody, hope you're fine!
Now i present you my design for the Canna Curate Group! enjoy!

Here my submission for the logo contest of Canna Curate

Let's see how did it worked!:


The concept

i did tree choices mixing the ideas of the cannabis plant, the two C's that makes the Canna Curate name, and the steemit logo.

canna curate logo concept.jpg

The sketches

I did multiple sketches of my idea, but there were mere references to the final work, here the two pages i did:


(i han an accident in one of the pages so it ruined off, but i liked to post it anyways because were my idea from scratch and that's the proof of it)

The Digitalization

Here some of the steps i did to create the arts of the concepts i make, i will show the steps of two arts


The Final Arts

I based the three concepts with the green and yellow colors that were the concept of the group and the cannabis in general, so there are them!

Submission 1

Here i did a concept of the C's of Canna Curate and the plant cut for the middle, the resulting design was that:

canna curate logo 1.png

Submission 2

In this case, i just took the two C's to make something more easy to note and to see, the simplicity of this is their strongest point!

canna curate logo 2.png

Submission 3

In this case, i make a mix of the other two and did the art mixing all the elements, the logos and the concept!

canna curate logo 3.png

Hope you enjoyed and wish me luck in the contest!

Category#illustration #graphicdesign
ToolsPc, Sketchbook
EditionAdobe Illustrator cs6
LocalizationCaracas, Venezuela

All the content here have my direct Copyright, so Let's continue!
Follow me on Instagram : @erune_
and @erunepics

Thank you for your time!

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Very in-depth post!


hope it has one chance to go! thank you for passing by and repost!

i like number 3 with the sweet steem logo in it.. nice work all them all tho
like the detail you put in to it the post it is not just a post of your logo it goes in to nice detail...


thank you very much! it was precisely the idea: to show something else than just the logo, so you can identify it better and know where the idea was born! thanks again!

Congratulations you've been chosen by our curators at Canna-Curate for great cannabis content! If you'd like to join our curation trail or delegate steem power you can see how and the benefits here. Or if you'd just like to have a chat about cannabis you can join us on our discord server.


hey thank you very much brothers! hope you liked my design choice! best regards for you!


Well the community will decide tomorrow! So we will see. Remember the voting will go down in the canna server


yes! i'll be with my "alarm on" xD

Hello @erune, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


hey thank you very very much for your support!