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6 months ago I was contacted by a nice fellow called @lovejoy of, to design a Steem Note for the soon to come, SteemFest in Portugal. Of course, I said yes, collaboration with people that pushing decentralization forward is something to be a part of.

So here’s my contribution of artwork, hope you all like it and be sure to check out for more info about the project.

Much Love!

Emanuel Lindqvist

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Thanks for the wonderful design and all your help Emanuel, I hope we can continue working together on future projects, and possibly even future versions of Agoric Scrip... ;)

I'm happy you like it and thank you for giving me the opportunity​ to help:) Absolutely, sign me up:)

You did an amazing job Emmanuel. I'm sorry we couldn't bring you out to Steemfest with us. I'm discussing a suitable bounty with @lovejoy to reward you for your efforts.

Thanks again!

Thank you:) I must say the same to you guys! I'm happy that I could help:)

good post


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Thank you :)

have a nice day good job bro <3

Thanks:) You have a nice day too!

have a nice day good job bro <3

It's a beautiful design. The rich colors are mesmerizing.

Thanks a lot:)

You did an amazing job @Emmanuel.
That's really a nice design .

Thank you :)

This is great. If I contribute to the faucet, can I get my hands on some invite slips? I'd love to be able to hand them out to promising people

Thanks:) I don't know, you have to check with