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RE: SF2 introducing new steemit logo, colour theme and night mode !

in #design5 years ago

I like the night mode and I'm kind of surprised the esteem app had it before the regular site did. I think functionality / usability / reliability of the website should be the main focus. I mean yeah the logo is OK but I think you're right, it's not going to make a difference in attracting people.

I think it's silly how much time some companies put into corporate branding, logos, and slogans. I'm not necessarily talking about steemit company has been pushing this stupid new corporate slogan for like six months now and it doesn't even really make any sense. It certainly won't help our profits or sales any. It makes me wonder how much time and money they spent coming up with it. I've gotta think that time and money could have been put towards something more...useful?


At least they have been working on many different things. You never know because their communication sucks :D.
They promised a rebranding so they kinda had to take the time and rethink it. Maybe it also has symbolic value, like a new start, a blank slate.

Yeah I was pretty disappointed in Ned's recent update regarding the DDoS attacks and the problems with the site recently. It was like two sentences long and didn't really say anything specific other than "we're always working on it..." or something like that.The communication could be improved for sure.

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