♳ [UI] Payable with STEEM, SBD -– Buttons & Badges - revised

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To follow up on one of my recent post and on request of many community members, i was trying to get first batch of "pay/donate" buttons ready the past days. Still much space for improving, but at least - it's a good start as i find.

They will get used at steempay.io button generator for now and hopefully they will find broader adoption soon! More features are planned as well - to be able to add username on "buttons & badges" maybe better to call them "widgets" then. Thanks to @steve-walschot!

TO BE INLCUDED AT steempay.io/generate SOON

First batch includes

Pay buttons & badges


Download as - .zip file

@1x / @2x (retina support) / .SVG

Accepted buttonsdownload here
Accepted badgesdownload here
alldownload here

Donate buttons & badges


Download as - .zip file

I've added to downlod queue - @1x / @2x (retina support) / .SVG

Donate buttonsdownload here
Donate badgesdownload here
alldownload here

Feedback appreciated
More to follow soon!

Work in progress

You can watch the progress on these graphics here
these links will get updated automatically

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You did a great work, thank you I liked! :)

Nice work Cass. I wish I could elaborate here but there was not much I could elaborate on in this post. Maybe next time.

This is probably the visaion for a way forward for a better steemit community. Thaks for the great concept. This is why i upvoted you

These are looking nice and clean well played @cass

Very slick and professional looking, keep it up.

Some buttons looks "fat" for me. but all other looks great. thank you for your efforts.


are u behind a retina display? can u explain ? I'm trying to export every graphic as @1x / @2x so this should ne happen usually .. could u pls expand on this? Anway, thanks for your feedback


No I'm on 14" WQHD+ (2560 x 1440).
Probably it's my own perception.

Thin buttons looks more elegant for me.
Thank you for your effort!


it's 'Phat'

That's nice, thank you @cass!
Though maybe flat style would be better ;)


indeed this would be great

Amazing designs, @cass. What tools do you use to create them? (photoshop?)



They are cool, what license you release them under?


good question but guess CC - have still to get feedback from @ned /@dantheman

Great job. Thank you

Awesome design!

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