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Did you know your image links were busted before sending bids? This is not what you ought to be buying votes for unless your goal is to lose money.

Maybe try creating quality and maybe a description next time. Hope this flag has been educational. Thank you.

Flagged for bid bot abuse. @steemflagrewards


Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @anthonyadavisii.

  • bid bot abuse
    You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.

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Follow on flag for bid bot abuse. @steemflagrewards

follow on flag for bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

Add on flag for bid bot abuse. Please stop this and start producing quality content.

Argh Matey flagged for Bid Bot abuse. Walk the plank you scallywag.

Add on flag for bid bot abuse

Follow on flags for bid bot abuse. @steemflagrewards

Flagged for bid bot abuse. @steemflagrewards

Bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

Flagged for bid bot abuse Stop this crap!

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