Wise team print materials - Rollup & DL brochures

in design •  11 months ago 

Print graphics we have done for Steemfest presentation of Wise, Wise team and Engrave.

Wise team rollup



Wise protocol trifold DL brochure




Engrave blogging platfrom trifold DL brochure



Came out nicely.


Andrej Cibík @andrejcibik


Web design | Web development | Logo design

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Such a wonderful job done here. This is great contribution to the whole project.

Well done brochures! Glad to see that this project is moving so fast and so great!

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You are awesome Andrej and your work amazing and was crucial for whole Wise-Team so we could present results of our work to all Steemians on SteemFest :)

Naaah, it was a team work.

nice brochures... but

i logged into engrave via steemconnect, great

but now how do i start blogging ??

how do i change the language from polish ??

never mind, i found the right link, ty