✍ My graphic design - Design manual for BitPanther

in design •  8 months ago

One of the best DMs I have done. Enjoy.









Packed nicely into one PDF. Design manual like this is invaluable for future of every starting brand.


Andrej Cibík @andrejcibik


Web design | Web development | Logo design

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What is design manual?. Do u meant it something like brand guidelines?


Brand guidelines go deeper into brand, its characteristics, communication, target group, slogans...stuff like that. Design manual is just about the logo and its usage. This one is very simple.


I have done the same thing as you do "brand manual", but I have called it 'brand guidelines'. there may be disputes here depending on the region. 😀. and brand guidelines that I do related to the use of assets, do and dont, placement, color and font used.


Yaaa 😄


amazing logo art
carry on

This is a good work

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