Vehicle Wrap Design Approved!

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The feeling when the design is approved and the client is happy.... Oh so satisfying as an artist.


Simple Design with play on Stars



There are many stages a design can go through in the quest to find the right design for the project.
The first proof is just an attempt to get something started and sometimes we get lucky and they like it right away.

This is my first proof for this design. proof-P-Template-Sabine-Credit-Union-SUV-wrap-2018.jpg

They did not like this one as they found that the gold fades faster than the other colors, this is the 3rd time they are wrapping this vehicle.

All together I made 13 sets of proofs to come up with this final look.

After they approve the design I panel the vehicle out and number the panels providing a install proof.


In the install proof the body lines are shown along with the door handles, this helps to line up the panel when it is installed.

ON the back the FB and Insta logo's are printed and cut out to be placed on the bumper. The panel is full color out to the green line and will print minus the photo of the car, like a wall paper that then gets applied to the vehicle. This wrap design is for my client Billy does really nice install work and I have enjoyed designing wraps for him for the past 7 years plus.

Thanks for taking a look at my design works. If you have any questions please leave a comment. Thank you for your support it helps the creative flow.

Allowistic Artist
Vincent Strader

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Wow !!!!! and wonderful cars....Nice tatu....@allowisticartist


Thanks, I am happy it wow you :)