17th Century Mathematicians and Blockchain

in descartes •  last year

I have been reading this book about Descartes who was a famous mathematician who lived from 1596-1650 AD. We can thank him for the coordinate system that we rely on today for our GPS to work. The more I read about him and the time that he lived I cannot help but to think that we are living in a similar time today although in the digital age. 28337704_10156388183948938_8388868257534221866_o.jpg In the 17th century the word of the church was law. In the 21st century the word of the global corporate governments and institutions is law. The lie back then was that the Earth was the center of the universe. The lie today is that there isn't enough resources to go around and the Earth is over populated. This creates the need for war and the development of weapons.
I believe that Blockchain is the answer that will save us from these oppressive governments and reduce the need for war and death. Much of Descartes's work was done in secret. Much of the work done on Blockchain was done in secret or at least without much public knowledge. We are now at the point where the truth is out there and the global institutions cannot ignore Blockchain. The next global shift is coming and Blockchain will take us there.

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