The most picturesque beach toilet ever

Photography is alive and well on Steemit, witnessed by new photo contests germinating all the time. A new field of derangedphotography caught my attention, that's how I feel sometimes about my photos : P

And now to my deranged entry. You may enjoy your time on the beach, but when the nature calls, where do you go? Right, you look for the public toilet. This one in Coles Bay, Tasmania, strikes me as one of the most picturesque toilet locations ever!

The most picturesque public toilet.jpg

Thank you @derangedvisions for creating the contest!

For example if you enter a photo, you drop the photo in the comment section, state what level of photographer you are, and then give a description of the photograph.
Use the tag #derangedphotography to make it easy to find your posts.

Image source: photo by @steemulator
Camera: Samsung S9+
Location: Coles Bay, Tasmania


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That's Tas for you, does it have a seat with a view?

ha ha, luckily it didnt, otherwise there would a backpacker staying there by now ; )

You would have had a top spot to stay haha.