On Judging People Who Committed Suicide or Attempted It

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You really shouldn’t be judging people who committed suicide over things that seem stupid or little unless you’ve been in their shoes.

You don't have the right to judge people who committed/attempted suicide unless you’ve been in a point in your life where you feel “This is just too much, I can’t just bear it anymore.” or “F*uck everything, I’m done” and someway you got to console yourself, get over it, and convince yourself there are more reasons to live.


Who Judges a Dead Person?


Trust me, if you’ve felt this way, you’d know judging people who committed suicide or attempted it makes no sense. Who judges a dead person after all?

If you've had a past experience, you’ll also understand these people need a gentle approach, valid conviction and prayer if the attempt fails.

I know you might be thinking “Nothing is worth killing yourself over”, of course, nothing worths your life. But you need to understand that just as you can take alcohol, become high, and become deceived that you have no worries; depression and pain can also fool convince your brain into believing suicide is the best way — if not the only to way to break through.

I’m not for suicide, and I’m not against it either. Everyone wants to be free and our strength and endurance differ; hence, we seek the freedom differently.

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