in #depression3 years ago

I think i love what steemit is going to be for me for the time being..
Its going to be a sort of miniature diary and since it will be my escape i wont have to follow the many unwritten rules steemit has..i will just say things as i feel em..
You know sometimes we can be or seem so ungrateful for what we have and others dont, its just that some problems cover our soul so much that we dont even see why we should be grateful...
Have you ever been tired of being strong?
Tired of seeming like you have your life all figured out?
I am really tired of life in its entirety, its beginning to feel like a painful cycle. I am all good and fine today and tomorrow i just want to choke to death..
I am tired and i have no words to express how much...
You know for now i will just shut up..
I think my thoughts are not coordinated but i will still post anyway..
It feels sort of therapeutic...

Till next time