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cant rememer which comedian said it ( but ill select all, right click, search with google after i type it )
'are you ever having a good day, and then all of a sudden u realise"im going to die one day" and it completely ruins your mood?'

i had one of those the other day, when i realised im 12,000 days old followed by i only have about 5000 days left

and that fucked me.
depression kicked me in the nuts, and i was stuck in bed for the next 3 days.
and by bed i mean 72hr hold in a psych ward.
noot gonna lie, being there put my shit into perspective


Yes when you look at it like that it can be depressing.

However we both woke up today so we may as well get on with things, or not :)

this is true ;)

There are times when life is really depreaaing. Thinking about the end of it is one of those times...

without trying to sound dark, i have been thinking of my own mortality since i was, like, 8 years old (after finding out my dad murdered a woman and child, that could have been me and my mother )

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