in depression •  3 months ago

What is depression in my opinion and how you can fight with it .While some people feel sad other people feel good ,with a big smile on their faces,and you think why i get it.THE ONLY BIG REASON IS YOU!!!.We think that life is bad ,no one love us,all things go against us ,every singe day we say this words in our mind.From my own experience i can say that yor life can change in one day ,how you ask me? TRY TO BE A POSSITIVE PERSON,EVERY SINGE DAY GO IN FRONT OF YOUR MIRRROR AND SAY THIS WORDS:I CAN CHANGE MY PERSONALITY,I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN MAKE THIS,THIS DAY WILL BE THE MOST BEAUTFIUL THAT I HAD IN MY LIFE.Saying this words you can get a good mood,and people will come to you and they will want to speak to you,because you will be in a easy way of thinking and a big smile on your face.Peole dont want to know about your problems or your bad news every day,they want only a possitive person besides .TRUST ME IT HELPS!!!!

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